Dine In Menu


  • Tandoori Selection with chicken tikka, sheek kebab & onion bhaji
  • Tandoori Duck Stir Fry with tandoori breast of duck stir fried served with spring salad.
  • Paneer ki Tikka with Cubes of Indian cheese infused with shahi jeera.
  • Sheesh Kebab with Minced meat flavoured with spices and herbs.
  • Thai Fish Cakes served with tandoori shashlik vegetables..
  • Trio of Samosas.
  • Onion Pakoras.
  • Chicken Pakoras.
  • Sea Food Stir-Fry
  • Chicken 65

Traditional Main Courses

The following dishes are available in: Chicken, Lamb, Chicken Tikk, Tandoori Chicken on/off the bone, King Prawn, Breast of Duck and Vegetable.

  • Shahi Korma, mild fruity dish.
  • Tuk Jal Misti, hot. sour, sweet.
  • Naga Chilli, spicy hot dish cooked with very hot Bangladeshi Naga chillies in thick sauce.
  • Saagoa, cooked in a spinach sauce.
  • Sath Lemon, flavoured with Bangladeshi lemon in medium spiced sauce.
  • Achari, fairly hot with spices and Bangladeshi pickles.
  • Karahi, traditional Kashmir dish.
  • Muslam, with green chilli, fresh coriander, hotter than medium.
  • Bhuna, medium dry with onions, tomatoes, fresh herbs and spices.
  • Roshuni Tarkari, garlic infused curry.

Chef’s Special

  • Tawa, With fresh methi (fenugreek), medium hot.
    • chicken or lamb
    • vegetable
    • king prawn
  • Shell Fish Supreme, Fresh water king prawns and scallops cooked with sliced garlic, spring onions, tomatoes, and green peppers, garnished with fresh coriander.
  • Jhinga Masala, king sized prawns roasted in tandoori cooked in mild spices and cream with a touch of butter to our own recipe.
  • Tikka Masala, chicken tikka, the infamous creamy dish.
  • Sylheti Jalfrezi, hot spicy with green chillies, capsicum and onions.
  • Jaipuri, morsels of boneless chicken simmered in a delicate sauce with ground almonds, fresh ginger and coriander.
  • Chicken Makoni, roasted chicken mildly spiced, cooked with ground almonds, butter and cream.
  • Sylheti Special, cooked with diced chicken tikka and minced meat in a authentic mix of herbs and spices.
  • Lemon Sag {Slightly Hot) Chicken or Lamb.
  • Seafood Stir-Fry, Served with vegetable bhaj.

Connoisseurs Banquet

Set Meals (min 2 persons)

  • Paneer ki Tikka
  • Trio of Samosa’s
  • Deep fried onion pakora
  • Pickles Tandoori Selection
  • Chicken Shahi korma
  • Lamb Saagoa
  • King Prawn karahi
  • Aloo beguni
  • Pilau rice
  • Naan

JP Tiffin

Irresistible goodies.

  • Vegetarian
  • Non Vegetarian

Tandoor clay oven dishes

The tandoor is a unique piece of cooking apparatus but what makes tandoori dishes taste fresh, succulent and full of flavour. The answer is in the marinade. Our chef’s recipe is also unique, using, traditional spices alongside citrus juices and soft herbs, which produces a more subtle and fresher taste.

  • Tandoori Chicken
  • Tandoori Duck Stir Fry
  • Chicken Tikka
  • Tandoori King Prawns
  • Shashlik
  • Tandoori Deluxe

Fusion Menu (Dine in Only)

  • Thai Fish Cakes
  • Tandoori Duck Stir Fry
  • Spicy Mussels
  • Yorkshire Twist
  • Supreme Chicken
  • Coriander Salmon
  • Shredded Confit of Duck
  • Lamb Tikka Masala
  • Spiced Banana Bhaji
  • Pilau Rice
  • Fusion Roti


Originated from the extravagant kitchens of Royal Persia and popularly spread among Indian food lovers from the first Inda-Muslim rulers before the Raj and they are still regarded as the only wedding feast in the lndo-Bengal sub-continent It is a combination of some of the traditional spices mixed with special rice fried with ghee, then served with vegetable curry sauce, usually medium hot (hot or mild on request).

  • Chicken Biryani
  • Lamb Biryani
  • King Prawn Biryani
  • Vegetable Biryani
  • Chicken Tikka Biryani
  • Tandoori Duck Biryani
  • Pickles Mixed Biryani


  • Bombay Aloo
  • Saag Paneer
  • Mushroom Bhaji
  • Saag Bhaji
  • Spiced Banana Bhaji
  • Tarka Dhall
  • Mattar Paneer


  • Steamed Rice
  • Pilau Rice
  • Mushroom Rice
  • Vegetable Pilau
  • Keema Pilau
  • Spinach Rice
  • Garlic Fried Rice
  • Kashmiri Pilau (Fruity)


  • Roti Basket (mixed breads)
  • Naan Bread
  • Garlic Naan
  • Keema Naan
  • Mushroom Naan
  • Cheese & Chilli Naan
  • Peshwari Naan
  • Tandoori Roti
  • Paratha
  • Pappadoms with Chutneys

Seasonal Vegetables Home style

(when available) Allow extra time for these dishes. main dishes side dishes

  • Aloo Bhaji (Home style)
  • Uri Bis with Sag
  • Shim Bhaji
  • Cauliflower Bhaji
  • Bindhi Bhaji
  • Baby Aubergine
  • Egg Bhuna