Coriander Marinated Salmon

    • £ 15.95

Served with bhindi & aloo bhaji and chilli salad.

Beef Shatkora

    • £ 15.95

Served with basmati rice.

Thai Bani Chicken

    • £ 15.95

Chicken breast stuffed with minced lamb complemented by thai red sauce, served with basmati rice.

Spiced Monkfish

    • £ 16.95

with new potatoes, served with basmati rice.

Seared Scallops of Scented Gram Masala

    • £ 16.95

Served with saag bunja sauce and basmati rice.

Orange Jalfrezi Ka Muro

    • £ 15.95

Chicken breast cooked, served with orange jalfrezi sauce and served with pilau rice.

Tenga Ki Sea bass

    • £ 15.95

Spiced marinated fillet of sea bass cooked in a tomato and mango tangy sauce served with basmati rice.

Shredded Confit of Duck

    • £ 15.95

Flavoured with tandoori spices served with basmati rice and orange jalfrezi sauce.

Venison Marinade

    • £ 16.95

Served with basmati rice and thai red curry pepsila sauce.

Chicken 65

    • £ 12.95

Strips of chicken marinated and stir fried with oriental spices.